Friday, 7 April 2017


I haven't been reading for a long time in history,
Haven't lived with characters, plots or ploys.

I haven't dreamt like a writer forever,
Haven't planned each move with minuscule detail.

I haven't felt betrayed by the writer's tricks,
My lover's magic or that villain's mischief!

I haven't played along in a while though,
Haven't smelt your withering pages.
I haven't felt the touch of you dear book,
Your letters making up those beautiful words.

I had kept you untouched on my shelf,
in my cupboard, out of sight. Forgive me!

Now its time, to reach out to you,
Your stories of fiction, and of love,
Its time to read you dear book,
feel your rhythm and rhyme along..

Open unto me a world of revelation,
each magnificent story, or a tragic mystery.
Blow me with your winds of glory,
Let me fly along with you,
reaching beyond this false glittering world,
where reality is fake and people unkind!
Make me a bookworm and feast on you dear book,
tonight and all nights to come!!


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