Thursday, 4 January 2018

This New Year

This New Year

This new year,
brings closure,
to the unending chapters of pain,
and the divine rivalries of fate.

This new year,
brings happiness,
to cherish new moments of life,
and the acceptance of faith.

This new year,
brings hope,
for mysteries of unknown future,
and the changes in the game.

This new year,
is new.
A newer collection 
of perspectives,
and perseverance;
a multitude,
of thoughts and meanings;
a tapestry of emotions,
to begin afresh,
to look ahead,
and think,
beyond everything,
that has pulled you down,
in the past.

This new year,
is a chance,
to think about self,
to love your newly attained freedom,
to rejoice in your ‘nirvana’…..