Saturday, 31 January 2015



like the pages of an old book,
which sat on your shelf..

like those used clothes,
in your closet..

like your dreams,
shed by this practical life.

like a fabric,
of disbelief, mistrust and revenge.

with a corroded body,
weak mind and no soul..


Friday, 30 January 2015

The Drift

The Drift

And my soul drifted tonight,
Leaving behind the diamonds to tease,
It drifted with a sudden blow,
Shocked, as it was,
With the day's moments,
Helpless incidents,
less fortunate coincidence...

I am feeling this slow drift..
It kills me little,
It kills me more,
Each time a little more...

The wind from the east,
blew away the soul,
Like the dried winter leaves,
From their moist muddy soil..
Attached they were,
And the wind was harsh,
Ruthless to pay heed to their soil,
roots or life...

The drifts are amazing,
They poison me slowly,
As they are,
Slow, steady and calm..
They pull me away,
From my roots,
They pull me away,
by my branches...

I feel this drift now,
And I wait for my soul,
Across the shore...


Sunday, 4 January 2015


You stood there..stoned,
I moved away
releasing you from my grip
my embrace..
I had to, so I did..

In a few days,
we connected so much,
you sang to my heart,
spoke to my mind.
Groomed my love
and let my soul free..

Time passed,
so did moments,
best ones of life until now.
We made memories,
we wrote stories,
We experienced,
experiences to be cherished.

I recall each day,
I remember every promise,
I repeat each vow..

I parted ways to meet again.
We departed, to live,
grow and mature
We departed today,
to nurture this dream 
together …!!