Tuesday, 23 October 2018



they are ugly,
and obnoxious, my scars! 

They are made of memories,
bitter ones,
hurtful ones,
painful ones
and deadly, 
are these scars! 

Never did you notice,
never did you wonder,
while u caused that pain,
if I’ll ever heal! 
Never did you know,
anything beyond yourself,
my selfless, sacrifice,
my lifeless maneuver,
each time of every moment! 

Never did you declare,
yourself the predator,
you preyed upon my soul,
the last bits of my sanity
even when you were gone! 
Never did you observe,
my submission,
my self doubt,
my unholy, unworthiness,
at hands of deception,
inflicted by you! 

You dwelled ever since,
so far,
far away,
in your world,
about your sense 
of identity and 
false image!! 

You lost me 
at your sinful hands,
you lost me,
at your sinful heart,
you lost me,
because your conscience 
and virtues,
were dead!!