Monday, 26 November 2018


Surfing I always surf, on the waves of emotions... some nasty, dreadful, some easy, and kind!! I always fly, to the lands afar, forbidden as Holy fruit; sometimes across, the harrowing meadows, sometimes within my range!! I always sink in the deepest sorrows, like in waters impure, in souls hollow; sometimes found, many times lost, most times submerged, in an abyss, Struggling to stay afloat!! Tanzila

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Write or Right

Write or Right Tonight is special, Its a night when, I consciously won’t write, won’t write a poem, or anything poetic, a couplet or some rhyme! Tonight is special, its a night when, thinking about you, missing you, is natural; is ecstatic and divine! like a slumber, awakening my fairy-tales! Tonight is special, its a night when, I actually did write a poem, for not having to write one! Duh! What better than saying, my words, and meanings, and leaving them for you, your interpretations! Tonight is special, its a night when, I can romance the art, the very art of writing, in coherence with my mind! More so, like, deepening bonds, accepting my insanity, with an open mind! Tonight is special, Yes it is!! Tanzila

Bouts of Life

this bout of love is here again,
the same one,
resembling this wide sky,
with a full moon
and its countless stars!!
its subtle yet intense,
strikingly beautiful,
its merry yet vague,
somehow running in the background,
as those vocals,
we hum, all day long! 
I thought to write to u for days,
tonight I finally did!
Why do You seem distant,
so so far away,
And here I am,
holding onto pieces
of your memories and smiles!
Come back soon!!


Tuesday, 23 October 2018



they are ugly,
and obnoxious, my scars! 

They are made of memories,
bitter ones,
hurtful ones,
painful ones
and deadly, 
are these scars! 

Never did you notice,
never did you wonder,
while u caused that pain,
if I’ll ever heal! 
Never did you know,
anything beyond yourself,
my selfless, sacrifice,
my lifeless maneuver,
each time of every moment! 

Never did you declare,
yourself the predator,
you preyed upon my soul,
the last bits of my sanity
even when you were gone! 
Never did you observe,
my submission,
my self doubt,
my unholy, unworthiness,
at hands of deception,
inflicted by you! 

You dwelled ever since,
so far,
far away,
in your world,
about your sense 
of identity and 
false image!! 

You lost me 
at your sinful hands,
you lost me,
at your sinful heart,
you lost me,
because your conscience 
and virtues,
were dead!! 


Sunday, 12 August 2018


My writing is intimate.
I like to pour
a piece of my soul,
a part of my mind
into every poem
I write! 

I write to feel
the sounds of words
and their intricate meanings!
I write because
sometimes its difficult
to speak to yourself! 
I write because
sometimes you want your mind
to read than listen! 
I write because
only my words
can justify
my state of being.
I write because
it creates a memory,
a model of my mental state,
for every future reference!
I write because
down the line,
I would want to
many living figments
into smaller
pieces of experience!!! 
I write because
its liberating,
contradicting the
suffocations of life!!


Friday, 29 June 2018

Pole Star

Pole star What is like to be the Pole star Guiding the world, before and after?! What is it like, to be the one, lonely, mass, of unwanted rock?! What is like, to be hollow, or shallow, been eroded by years of turmoil?! Layer after layer, unpeeled, Slowly newer crevices formed, when more valleys, and graves appear! What is it like, to be the one, showcased with glamour and bloom? But underneath its desperate, for every ounce of breath, some freedom, or a morsel of care! Its lonely, Destitute, Craving for love For someone to nurture its heart of rock which has hardened over time, with the world moving on with the Pole star's shine!! Tanzila

Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Farewell as the grains of sand, making way, through the crevices, of my soft fingers! as the gushes of wind, silently blowing through, my ears... as the river water, i tried to, hold onto in the depths of my palms.. as the smell, of almond blossoms, cherries and roses, from my memories... as the deepest love, which i always thought, would stay and grow.... all of these, and more... impossible, improbable, to retain or recover... all of them, symbolized you, symbolize us, a passionate desire, of two souls, yet not strong enough, to be less temporary....... FAREWELL Tanzila

Friday, 23 February 2018



Death is not easy,
its a painful manoeuvre
of tiny guilty bundles;
of suffering,
and incompleteness.

Death is not easy,
it requires a skill-set
to die, leaving behind 
a legacy for ones to follow,
and others to crave.

Death is not easy,
it takes effort,
energy, an inclination,
to dissemble, and quit 
this worldly sense of being!

Death is not easy,
even waiting for it,
for hours,
minutes and seconds,
can drain your peace!

And death is so simple,
but it can still make you reflect,
leave you hopeless,
because it arrives at the most
unwanted, unknown time!! 


Thursday, 4 January 2018

This New Year

This New Year

This new year,
brings closure,
to the unending chapters of pain,
and the divine rivalries of fate.

This new year,
brings happiness,
to cherish new moments of life,
and the acceptance of faith.

This new year,
brings hope,
for mysteries of unknown future,
and the changes in the game.

This new year,
is new.
A newer collection 
of perspectives,
and perseverance;
a multitude,
of thoughts and meanings;
a tapestry of emotions,
to begin afresh,
to look ahead,
and think,
beyond everything,
that has pulled you down,
in the past.

This new year,
is a chance,
to think about self,
to love your newly attained freedom,
to rejoice in your ‘nirvana’…..