Thursday, 22 May 2014

Noise in the Shadows

Noise in the Shadows

Silence of existence,
encounter of time,
spirit of soul,
confusion of mind.

Everything is a shadow,
its vagueness pronounced,
procured by emotions,
moments and mind.

Screaming shadows,
creeping out,
for a cause,
to breed hatred.

Their absence,
was a misconception,
their näivety,
a lie.

They are within us,
they stay deep inside,
they grow as we age,
they widen as we weaken,
they propagate as we are,
vulnerable with time,
they make us victims,
evading our minds,
they make us greedy,
they make us unkind…

These shadows are noisy,
they shout beyond words,
beyond goodwill,
or maybe beyond self..!!