Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My Spartan

My Spartan

Teary-eyed I express,
I write this my dear Spartan,
I have witnessed your strength,
I have seen your power 
and full glory.

Today warned me,
of a slow regression,
It echoed mysteries,
of the unknown future.

I always saw you,
 as my warrior,
My Emperor,
greatness personified.

You gifted me this life, 
you made me a fighter,
you taught me to respect
 and value.

Your single moment 
of loss and grief,
Has shuddered my soul 
today, this day.
I fear the future, 
I fear the times,
I fear this helplessness 
Hopelessness of mine,
I fear God’s will, 
I fear my ill fate,
I fear uncertainty, 
I fear pain
I fear my loneliness.
I fear my defeat
by luck and time.

Stay with me,
In person and mind,
Stay with me in my heart,
Stay with me in my soul,
Stay in my existence.
Stay, you are meant to be there,
Here, with me, always.
Never betray me, 
I cannot taste betrayal,
yet again.