Friday, 8 March 2019

Unguarded Souls

its the callin of a new dawn......
the moment of relief.....
in an intimacy with the interface to this paradise....
and the next......
these unguarded souls....
remain untamed....
their dainted faces...
deeper sorrows...
for now n ever.....................


A broken compartment

A broken compartment
We all have,
that one,
unique broken compartment,
in our hearts,
in our minds! 
The same compartment
that makes us gullible,
the one that makes us
Why do we invest so much
in some?
Why do we resist healing then?
Hearts are brittle,
so are souls,
slowly breaking your existence down!! 
Why did we trust,
why do we trust,
how far are we ready to go?!
Why this suffering,
this sorrow that never belonged to you!
It is imposed, it is not yours,
then why loathe yourself?
why detest life?
Its figments of experiences,
its innocent marks,
li’l stories of happiness
and many a remorse!! 
Lets play a game,
compartmentalize everything!
Keep that one compartment aside,
box is up rather nicely,
pack it away,
in glitter and gold,
keep it close to yourself!
When you are reminded of this compartment,
Be fooled by its superficiality,
be fooled by its lies!! 
Healing takes time,
it takes its course,
Li’l by li’l we will all be there,
until then,
hide away the nasty memories,
brush aside the pain!!