Saturday, 25 June 2016

I date back

I date back

I date back hundreds of years,
when people who spoke
their minds
were ridiculed..
and prosecuted..

I date back a time,
when renaissance built cultures
transforming them,
beyond the scope
of the then allowed limits..

I date back to the time,
when pioneers, sculptors,
artists and writers,
revolutionized history,
tradition and life..

I date back to that history,
to the time, to the years,
when great minds were free,
active, open and visionary..

I date back to 'that' era,
because my mind breaks open,
all the current stringent shackles
of modern times..
It resonates with freedom,
evolution and change!

I am much older in my thoughts,
But very open in my vision!
I am outdated in my outlook,
But innovative in my mission.
I am philosophical in my emotion,
But clear in my intention!

I profess growth,
I support transformation,
Of mind and soul..
I am a patron of adding,
dimensions, options,
opportunities to expand..
my mind and plan......

Do you?!