Thursday, 29 October 2015



I want to return to the same old life when,
the only expectation was to wait for Mum,s goodies for me.
the only target was to complete my homework at the end of each day.
the only freedom was to meet friends for an hour after school.
the only sadness was to score less marks.
the only happiness was to win a trophy.
the only worry was less time for exams.
the only reason was to be a part of my family.
the only reward was my Dad,s encouragement.
the only satisfaction was my Mum,s happiness.
the only bond was with my brother.
the only playmate was my pet dog.
the only choice was my parents' will.
the lonely 'being' was a concept in books.

Now, here i am,
Where only hope is to revive my childhood.
And return to my mother,s lap, where she made me sing all those rhymes.

And be by my father,s side and make him believe i am fine on my own,
Knowing i am not!

The only pleasure is my brother,s calls, telling me to stay strong!

I want to return to my childhood and my mum!