Monday, 25 September 2017


Sometimes you need 
a push, a stroke,
a gentle pat,
or maybe,
a firm hand! 
A hand that holds you,
during every experience,
A hand secure,
sensitive and 
Sometimes you need,
your mind at peace,
forgetting the gallows,
pride or mischief,
Sometimes you need,
a belief,
Pulling you up,
through the dungeons,
the caves,
of darkness and
Sometimes you need,
A li'l tear,
to clear that dust 
from your eyes,
Sometimes you need,
your eyes to blink,
because your constant gaze,
may wear you out! 
Sometimes you need,
the one hope,
that last one indeed,
for changing the course,
of uncertainties,
mismatches and
Sometimes you need,
to submit to,
His will,
His aura,
His constant tests!

You need a messiah,
who makes you believe,
returning to Him,
is never obsolete! 
Sometimes you decide,
to embark on new journeys,
where souls arent destitute,
off His presence,
where world wouldnt matter,
nor will your worldly being! 
Sometimes, you want to hold on,
to that Messiah,
but you realize,
he is on the run,
as he is the one, 
who will be needed,
by many others like you!! 
So you decide to hold him close,
in your eyes, your mind,
because he made you acknowledge,
your true self!!