Monday, 26 November 2018


Surfing I always surf, on the waves of emotions... some nasty, dreadful, some easy, and kind!! I always fly, to the lands afar, forbidden as Holy fruit; sometimes across, the harrowing meadows, sometimes within my range!! I always sink in the deepest sorrows, like in waters impure, in souls hollow; sometimes found, many times lost, most times submerged, in an abyss, Struggling to stay afloat!! Tanzila

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Write or Right

Write or Right Tonight is special, Its a night when, I consciously won’t write, won’t write a poem, or anything poetic, a couplet or some rhyme! Tonight is special, its a night when, thinking about you, missing you, is natural; is ecstatic and divine! like a slumber, awakening my fairy-tales! Tonight is special, its a night when, I actually did write a poem, for not having to write one! Duh! What better than saying, my words, and meanings, and leaving them for you, your interpretations! Tonight is special, its a night when, I can romance the art, the very art of writing, in coherence with my mind! More so, like, deepening bonds, accepting my insanity, with an open mind! Tonight is special, Yes it is!! Tanzila

Bouts of Life

this bout of love is here again,
the same one,
resembling this wide sky,
with a full moon
and its countless stars!!
its subtle yet intense,
strikingly beautiful,
its merry yet vague,
somehow running in the background,
as those vocals,
we hum, all day long! 
I thought to write to u for days,
tonight I finally did!
Why do You seem distant,
so so far away,
And here I am,
holding onto pieces
of your memories and smiles!
Come back soon!!