Saturday, 16 April 2016



If I could incarnate as Jesus,
I would relieve the world of its suffering!
I would relieve the rich of gain,
and the poor of pain!

I wouldn't feel helpless seeing an old man,
travelling, walking, thinking alone..
It wouldn't break my heart,
seeing an old Lady,
doing groceries on her own!

If ever I were Jesus,
I would rejuvenate lives
and their souls!

I know time takes it course,
so does life,
so does age....
I know I cant fight time,
destiny or reason!
I know I cant question nature
or God!

But I still wish against all odds,
To be Jesus!
To heal the ones in pain!
To help the ones in grief,
To deal with loss of material and life,
To learn living all on your own!

I wish I could help,
Help this old man,
whose helplessness,
and courage broke my heart,
today, yet again!


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