Friday, 29 April 2016



Will I ever write my fairy-tale,
Or walk through the castle,
Wearing my tiara,
a ball-gown and glass slippers.
Holding your hand,
Feeling your support,
knowing your name 
and game!

Its a puzzle,
love dies,
memories remain!
Its a mystery,
we are unable to solve.
Its a fault,
we wont blame.
Its a failure,
We live through it yet again!


You mentioned,
I won’t have a fairy-tale,
I know, I ain’t no Princess,
no fairy, anymore.
I never was 
or won’t be ever! 

I wanted my share 
of stories,
good, happy ones!
I wanted my share,
of peace!
Now, i want,
my share of 
solitude and
not be your mannequin,
a clown to please!

I will remain a Romantic!
I romance loss not love,
I will remain a loser,
who loves misery!
I will remain a powerless 
severed maid,
who knows her place.
I will remain a distant 
Who remembers your name.
I will remain a writer,
who writes,
and expresses
with compassion.

But I will remain a Romantic,
and write my fairy-tale,
a real, story,
with real life,
of a fairy in distress! 


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