Wednesday, 29 January 2014



With ur each tear, I smirk..
it rolls off the edge of my eye..
its a tear of peace..
its my tear of joy, 
to see you where,
I aimed you to be....

In a place as unforgiving 
as my grave..
with a time escaping 
as the last clock of my life..

I smirk to glory and smile at nature..
for what goes returns, 
with its beautiful forms,
of helpless attire..

I wear a gown of deception this time,
I stand to you, 
to mimic death..
as proficiently,
as u imitated life to me......

I smirk my dear, I smirk...
Won’t you catch me this time…?
You can't...
You lost me when I lost the hope...
You lost me with that fake promise of re-union...
You lost me for times to be!! 

What remains is my smirk...
and what stays is still my tear..!! 


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