Friday, 24 January 2014



limited, alienated 
from the norms
and types,
from the ways and means,
of the breed and creed,
to simple complex images,
to songs of war, love and peace,
to tales of cluster, memory and being,
from purity of a mother’s heart..

are the lullabies, my mother’s songs,
her voice echoes in my deeper souls,
reminding me of her timeless love,
assuring, reassuring moments of faith,
within my mother’s giving heart,
is her compassion 
and mystery…
of this world and the next…

I try to know, understand,
why selfless is her love,
how much she could endure,
how often would she tell,
stories, songs and moments,
of her life and mine.
That love, transpired through her,
every word and expression…

My life is owned by you Mother,
my mind by your lullabies,
this heart loves you mother,
beyond this world’s greed..
My every bit of existence,
is a sacrifice i do..
to see you smiling forever,
to give you happiness always,
like your lullabies gave me peace,
like you gave me life.


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