Saturday, 12 October 2013

My Mother's beautiful eyes

My Mother's beautiful eyes

When I look into your eyes,
they tell me stories,of love and laughter..
I see myself as a child,
playing with my li'l doll,pink and colourful..
Wen u sit infront of me,
catching my complete gaze,
I love to look at the face,
which I call my own,
the first one I saw,
when I opened my eyes, from my deep slumber..
This face helped me grow,
all these years,into a person I am now...
I always wanted to be so pure at heart,as you are dear mother....

So tranquil is your smile...
But when I look at your hands,
worn out with the years of hardwork,
I see the roughness,saying,
nurturing me was a rough task...
I want to kiss your hands and rub them will clove oil,
make them smooth,and soft as they were,
when you first touched me, my beloved mother....

My heart throbs at this interface,
when I have to bid farewell to you, for sometime...
I see your smile again,
so heroic it is for you to suffer this distance...
I feel your pain, I see your heart..
I know,
Your mind wants me to stay this time,
I will return mother with a colourful morning,
And lay in your lap once again,
so that u kiss my cheeks and hug me tight,
keep me safe my mother....Keep me safe dear mother...

I love to look at your beautiful eyes,
they tell me stories of a lifetime.......!!!!!!


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