Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Amma_in remembrance of the person who was my beacon of Hope....!!!

Its been two years,
Two long years...

since you left us..

Its been a struggle ever since,

A battle to live each day,

With every emotion,

Connected and spared,

Reminding me, us of your love...

I recall your magical touch,

Your aroma in this holy air,

Your smooth hands brushing my hair..

Your eyes, so selfless and beautiful,

So transparent like your heart...

I could see beyond this world,

Through your vision, your thought...

Into reality of depth and relation.....

I miss those days when we would eat,

Together, you and I..

I remember the times, when i would serve,

I wish i could stop time.....

Bring you back Amma,

Bring you to me, to us, to our existence...

To guide us, with ur emotion...

To love us, everytime..

I grew up, through those hands,

They groomed me, worn out with time..

I matured, with your every word,

I learnt with all my lessons...

I crave for your smile now,

For that would make my world..

It would change my worries,

To opportunities of gold....

I feel proud Dear Amma,

I am known as your child,

I feel strong dear Mother,

I will live your dream...

Of my happiness and calm...

I submit to God my darling,

Who keeps you safe in his charm..

I pray for your soul, i pray for your peace........

Never abandon me Mother,
I would lose my way,

I want to shine though your glory and light...

I pray you stay with us forever,

Guiding, teaching,
forgiving….Each of our blunders........

Every tear in Sheena's eyes, testifies,

You left so soon mother, you left so soon.......


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