Monday, 4 February 2019



its all a facade,
too good a mask
to cover up!

its all unreal,
everything so normal,
all of it simple!

as they say, what I see,
is what I want to see!
A fraud, 
a relentless yet
futile attempt
to conceal 
the real feeling;
one of despair
of hopelessness,
of being drugged
to the point
of losing the sense
of the senseless
and losing self,
to unreality! 

its a drama,
its characters well chosen,
each for their roles,
it came overtime,
many got replaced,
some persistent, 
this stage is set,
for the amateurs,
and audience to watch!
What is more entertaining,
for sadists, 
to see another,
yet another man fall!! 

nothing, at all......


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