Wednesday, 8 November 2017


Escape escape isnt within you it is the open space, that void where you feel to dissolve, what you think can drown you! escape isnt a person, it is that time in life, that special moment when you realize, your tolerance to suffer has diminished! escape isnt any object or place, it is an attachment, that special bond you start to make, with your own soul because every other soul has cheated you! escape is a condition, a utopian mental state, where pain ceases to exist and worries disappear, where self is relieved of remnants of deception, lies you were told!! escape is a mere short term goal, because all your life, you will have to face, fight or maybe succumb to the misery, because all your life, you are alone, in deep despair, because all your life, memories will haunt you, because all your life, you stay submerged, in figments of delusion, of substance or mind!!

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