Wednesday, 24 August 2016


my brain wants to explode,
shredding away the worries,
into pieces of insignificance..
every intoxicating failure,
every cruel challenge,
these colliding, ruthless,
the moments of confusion
disappointments and
it wants to break open,
from these cluttering,
harrowing symbols,
of responsibilities,
accountability and ambition..
it wants to explode and collapse,
and feel the rhythm,
of the real freedom of soul..
it wants to give up for once,
because at times fighting,
heroic battles, within you,
can drain you out! 
it wants an assurance,
that giving up is ok,
giving in necessary,
when stakes are high! 
it wants to be told,
that being at loss is natural,
and losing a battle is easier
than losing your life....

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