Thursday, 9 May 2013

An Outcry of Impatience

Here I am,
Again, back from yet another,
I thought it was utopia,
It turned out to be unlike it.
I was confused to go ahead,
I waited for time to decide,
It happened with a blink.

Utopia, as they would say it,
I call it a slaughter house,
I chose it,
Over another,
Much finer confinement,
Now I am stuck with it,
My mind barely intact, 
my patience given way.

My skin was peeled,
It was painful,
It was slow, 
That was the only solace,
I cried to let go,
It clinged to pull back,
Then, the butchered soul,
Did flee across the tides..

I miss the house now,
It was better than this untrue paradise,
I recall this failure,
Yet again, the struggle,
Incomplete though,
Partly because I lost,
You won, and 
I Gave up……


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